Pfizer (USA) created its own internal Wildlife Management Team and won the Wildlife Habitat Council’s Corporate Habitat of the Year award for their efforts to restore and enhance wildlife habitat on the company’s 2,200-plus acre Kalamazoo manufacturing site. Centrepiece of the project is the nest box program, where employees monitor bird nesting boxes during breeding season, and up to 350 tree swallows, east- ern bluebirds, and house wrens are fledged each year.  



Bordering on Intel’s Leixlip facility in Ireland, Rye Water, a tributary of the River Liffey and a traditional trout and salmon spawning ground, had becomes so heavily silted, shallow, and overgrown that it no longer provided the habitat essential for fish to reproduce. In 1994, Intel partnered with the University College Dublin, AQUENS Ltd., Inland Fisheries Ireland, and the Office of Public Works to begin full-scale rehabilitation of Rye Water. 

Consistent measurement and annual reporting show restored populations improving along with water quality. Salmon, trout, and white-clawed crayfish – one of Ireland’s few protected aquatic species – now thrive in restored and enhanced habitat. Many other species also flourish, including important bioindicators for water quality. Intel’s motivation for its contributions over a 15-year period? It’s all part of being a good neighbour!