Many companies are actively addressing environmental challenges by reducing their carbon footprint, reducing water consumption and recycling waste. However, while important, those activities do not prevent the loss of natural resources, the destruction of  areas of unique natural beauty or the extinction of species. 
In 2012, a project was established under the US National Science Foundation’s SESYNC program to build business awareness of the challenges confronting Biodiversity and Ecosystems and to motivate business to action. Reflecting its global focus, project members and contributors include business leaders, environmental advocacy groups, government regulators and university researchers from more than 15 countries. 

The project’s first contribution is this report, New Nature of Business. Based on natural science and the experiences of pioneering companies, it addresses the key issues of uncertainty constraining business responses: the meaning of biodiversity and ecosystems services; their challenges; the current response to these challenges; and future responses. 

Like every journey, creating a sustainable relationship with our natural environment begins with a first step. The New Nature of Business combines directions from pioneering business leaders and advice from experts in the field to present a compelling case for business leaders to take that essential first step.